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We give the conscientious 

consultation to answer your 

concern and find out the best 

way to solve the problems of teeth alignment, occlusion, and

aesthetic problem.

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We have several ways of Home

 Whitening, Office Whitening. 

We customize the whitening 

which suits your teeth condition and life style.

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Orthodontic treatment has been diversifying for these days like usual brace, 

lingual brace, and tray type appliance as Invisalign.Shiroganedai Orthodontics 

choose the best way for each patient after the conscientious consultation.

What Is Invisalign?


If you hesitate to have the brace because of it's looks, it could be nice 

to start orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. Invisalign is the system 

to treat the teeth alignment using the clear removable trays. While 

you're having Invisalign, your teeth alignment is changing little by little

then it brings you a beautiful smile.

The advantage of using Invisalign


The trays are clear so the people don't notice you are wearing the tray.

Good Hygiene

After meal you can remove the tray and brush your teeth well. It's easy to maintain good oral hygiene. It means it's easy to prevent the cavity, gingivitis if you use Invisalign instead of the brace,

You can eat whatever you want

You don't need worry what you should eat because you can remove the tray anytime when you want.


The advantage of using Invisalign

 STEP1  Consultation

Your Dr. gives you conscientious consultation. The Dr. asks you what's your concern, condition of your health etc.

 STEP2  Diagnosis

Your Dr. explains the result of analysis of your case also tells you what kind of appliance is the best for you and how long it'll be take to finish all treatment.

 STEP3  Show the price

Your Dr. tells you the price of your treatment then makes payment plan for you. We help you to make excusable payment plan for you.

Diagnosis / Contract

 STEP4  Examination

Dr. takes the impression of your teeth to make your teeth's study model, X-ray and pictures to collect the data of your case.

 STEP5  Diagnosis

Dr. tells the result of analysis and explains the contents of diagnosis. You can hear the your treatment's plan totaly.

 STEP6  Contract

Dr. tells you the price of your treatment. Dr. makes your payment plan hearing your request.

Start Treatment

 STEP7  Set the Appliance

Your Dr. prepare your appliance. All patients should have the teeth cleaning at first. And if it's needed, you have to have your all cavities treated before you have the brace.

 STEP8  Adgjust

You should visit the Dr. every 3~4 weeks to have your appliance to be adjusted.

 STEP9  Finish Treatment

After you finish your treatment you have to start wearing the retainer which prevent relaps.

 STEP10  Maintenance

To prevent relapse, you should keep wearing the retainer for 2years at least. You also shold have your teeth checked by the orthodontist every 6months.

 STEP11  Finish Maintenance


We can brighten up your smile with popular clinical whitening care offering the latest, most advanced technology to whiten teeth.

Type of treatment

Office Whitening

Completes with one visiting

Home Whitening

Whitening will be done by applying the home care product for two weeks to one month.

Please feel free to consult about your teeth"s color with Dr.Chieko.


Teeth Cleaning

Treatment Menu Price
Quick Cleaning(20 min.) \3,000-
Full Cleaning(30 min.) \5,000-

The above price costs 10% of consumption taxes separately.

Teeth Whitening

Treatment Menu Price
Home Whitening \15,000-
Office Whitening \40,000-
Whitening gel \2,000-

The above price costs 10% of consumption taxes separately.

Orthodontic Treatment

Treatment Menu Price
Counseling Free
Examination/Diagnosis \5,000
Labial Treatment \450,000(Appliance fee, Treatment fee, Retainer fee)
Partial Treatment \50,000~150,000(Appliance fee, Treatment fee, Retainer fee)
invisalign \600,000(Appliance fee, Treatment fee, Retainer fee)
Lingual Appliance \800,000~(Appliance fee, Treatment fee, Retainer fee)

The above price costs 10% of consumption taxes separately.
The counseling is FREE. Please don't hesitate to make an appointment for it.